Here’s Lucy taking a break from her sister’s birthday party 🙂

Lucy relaxes on the couch at her sister's birthday party

Carol + Barb + Julie

Carol, Barb and Julie – three great friends got together to enjoy a walk along the Trestle. I had a great time chatting with them and taking their pictures. I found out that they are “cars jocks” 🙂 Now I know who to ask about cars!

Friends walking along the trestle

Carol Barb Julie enjoying themselves during walk

Friends stop for a chat during walk

Picture in front of statue

Friends walk along trestle

Break time after a long walk

Marjory + Richard

I had a wonderful time taking pictures of Marjory and Richard near the Trestle. They have been married for more than 50+ years!!

Enjoying the view

enjoying each other

checking out the art on wall

looking at more art on wall

taking a break along the trestle

walking along the trestle

riding along the trestle


It’s graduation time and here are some photos from Daniel’s graduation. Congratulation Daniel!!
Daniel and Matthew graduation photo

Daniel graduation photo

Daniel graduation photo

Daniel graduation photo

Daniel with family