Carmel + Clive

Carmel and Clive are such a lovely couple. They are long time Victoria residents celebrating their 50th anniversary!!! That is amazing.

Carmel Clive walking on path

Carmel Clive stopped to chat

Carmel Clive enjoy views of ocean

Carmel Clive relax on the beach

Island View Beach

Sibling Love

Here are some wonderful moments of brother and sister showing how much they love each other, no directing, no posing, just raw emotion.

Sibling love
Sibling love
Sibling love
Sibling love

Ella enjoys a nice break in weather

The sun came out and Ella wanted to ride her scooter. She said her helmet is too tight…she grew again 🙂

Happy Holidays 2011 | Children

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

children at Christmas Victoria BC

children at Christmas in Victoria BC