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Here’s Lucy taking a break from her sister’s birthday party :-)

Lucy relaxes on the couch at her sister's birthday party

Baby Ivan

Here are some pictures of baby Ivan with Joanne, Ivan and his grandparents. It was a fine spring day, just a little breezy. Ivan is full of energy and I love the toe-sucking :-). It didn’t seem that long ago when I took the wedding photos of Joanne and Zen. Time really flies!!

Here are more photos of Ivan and his family. Enjoy!

Zen and Joanne holding Ivan
Joanne with Ivan
Joanne kissing Ivan
Ivan smiling

Ivan sucking toe

Joanne with Zen
Ivan having a big laugh
Joanne with Zen
Ivan with grandparents

Sibling Love

Here are some wonderful moments of brother and sister showing how much they love each other, no directing, no posing, just raw emotion.

Sibling love
Sibling love
Sibling love
Sibling love

Ella enjoys a nice break in weather

The sun came out and Ella wanted to ride her scooter. She said her helmet is too tight…she grew again :-)