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Joanne + Michael | Wedding

Joanne and Michael, what an adorable couple! One of my highlights of the day was the whirlwind stop the gang made – in full wedding regalia – at the Beacon Drive-in down by the water. It’s never busy for burgers and milkshakes! And it was a wonderful experience to see them surrounded by loving friends and family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when they gave their wonderful speeches. Wishing them a future full of more of the same – laughter and tears of joy.

To see more pictures, please go to this gallery.

Joanne getting ready for her wedding

groom groomsman getting ready
bride gets ready with mom
bride walks down isle bridesmaid
groom bride altar
groom bride portrait

Bride with bridesmaid and flowers

Groom with groomsmen pictures

Groom bride picture together

bride groom portrait parliament building
bride groom bridesmaids groomsmen posing portrait
bride groom walking
bride bridesmaids portrait parliament building

Joanne + Zen | Wedding

It was a beautiful day ! Joanne and Zen got married on the MV Burrard Queen off Granville Island on August 28. I could not believe how energetic Joanne was all day after learning she helped set up the boat well past midnight. Also, nobody noticed her walking through pain because she accidentally cut her foot stepping on broken glass the day before. Like most weddings, everything was just a little behind schedule. Joanne was only 30 minutes late but who’s keeping tracking of time on this important day. Joanne and her dad walked so fast to the boat that I was having trouble to keep up with them. If Zen was anxious, he certainly didn’t show it. He calmly walked down the isle and waited for Joanne and her dad.

The rest of the day was just perfect, packed with speeches, slide shows of Joanne and Zen growing up, Croatian dancers and the tea ceremony.
To see more pictures from Joanne and Zen’s wedding (click here for more wedding photos).  You should also watch their slideshow (click here for slideshow).